A sustainable product is made from good, honest materials, is of good quality and is made and transported in an environmentally friendly way.

Use honest materials

Fair materials are generally natural or recycled materials. Think of wood, bamboo, cane, rattan, natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, felt, jute, hemp or recycled glass and plastic. Wood, for example, is sturdy, lasts a long time and is often easy to repair. Preferably choose wood with an FSC quality mark: this means that it is produced according to the strictest requirements of nature protection, with an eye for the environment, forests, local people and workers.

Wood is also ideal for reuse. You can turn pallets into a beautiful lounge sofa for the garden, a spice rack or a coffee table. Always treat wood with a wax or oil instead of varnish.

Buy second hand

Before you want to buy something new, first look at Marktplaats or at the local thrift store. Who knows, maybe someone else did a bad buy or did they just have the item about what you need. Good for the environment and your wallet.


You can recycle it for everything. Materials, furniture, accessories and of course your waste. Make someone else happy with it, for example give a new piece of furniture a new function or take it to a thrift store.

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